Sancho-Ken dodge away! Schmeichel pointed to Manchester United to sign who joins the most

20 May

Peter Schmeichel, a former Danish defense, wants to see Manchester United sign with Son Heung-Min, spearheading the Spurs most and not answering that they are the best troops of Sir Alex. Is Ferguson Peter Schmeichel, the Danish goalkeeper legend Showing the belief that Manchester United, one of their former affiliates in the English Premier League, should be seized by South Korean striker Son Heung-min of Tottenham Hotspur to join the army.Although the 2019-20 season has not yet come to an end, Manchester United has been rumored to continue to strengthen the army. Especially in attack where they have the players like Jay Don Sancho and Harry Kane has looked after so well that the strength of the offensive line, they should have better than this. If wanting to return to rule  However, not long ago, Schmeichel opened a Q&A session with fans via Twitter, the popular online social network. In which one asked if he would like Manchester United to sign a contract with any player that seems really likely to happen In which the person responded briefly, "naughty from Spurs"In addition, Schmeichel is also asked if he thinks he is the best man in the era of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United manager, after he is often regarded as a buy-in. The most worthwhile in the history of the club Because moving to the team for a fee of 505,000 pounds (about 20.20 million baht), but the nickname "Giant Dens" would not answer on this point By simply saying "Of course, it is a cheap value. But I think this question would be better to ask him (Ferguson). "

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